Borse di studio per master in teologia – L’università avventista Friedensau, in Germania, offre 5 borse di studio per master in teologia. Riportiamo l’annuncio in inglese.
Five full scholarships for students pursuing the Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) programme are available from March 2013 onward at Friedensau Adventist University. They are offered by the Theology Department in cooperation with the Friends of Friedensau Association and other sponsors. Candidates with an excellent academic background are invited to address their applications immediately to: Irina Heinz, Admissions Office – Theologische Hochschule – 39291 Friedensau – Germany.
Candidates eligible for scholarships are those who have demonstrated outstanding academic skills through superior grades in their B.A. degree (generally this means GPA 1.7 [German] / 3.5 [US] or better). Applicants should send their request together with the complete academic application as well as a one-page statement of purpose and at least two references in sealed envelopes. For more information, see or contact Irina Heinz:
N.B.: For applicants from Western Europe, North America, and regions with a similar economic potential, the scholarships will cover the full tuition fees. For applicants from other regions, the scholarships will also include room, board, and health insurance. Award of a scholarship does not constitute a legal claim, and its continuation beyond the first semester is subject to satisfactory academic performance.

Calendario eventi – Domenica 17 marzo, inizio della Settimana di preghiera dei giovani.
13 – 17 marzo, incontro internazionale dei Ministeri in favore de Bambini promosso dall’Eud, a Torre Pedrera, vicino Rimini. Su è disponibile il calendario completo con tutti gli eventi dell’anno.